Seed Production

KWS POTATO B.V. aims at producing and marketing high-quality seed potatoes. Next to our biggest seed potato production region – the Netherlands – KWS has established seed potato production in various other markets like Denmark, France, UK, and Russia in order to meet customer demands. The teams of the local KWS entities serve as the basis for a successful development of this international approach.

The Netherlands are world famous for their seed potato production. KWS POTATO B.V. is well established and experienced in the best growing areas. The light to medium clay-soil in the north-western, northern and central parts of the country supply the majority of the potato seed. The mentioned areas benefit from their relatively close proximity to the coastal areas, which reduces the risks for diseases and viruses.

The high graded pre-basic seed potato production of KWS POTATO B.V. is carried out by a selected group of specialized growers who have a comprehensive expertise in producing excellent basic seed potatoes. This potato seed is used by other groups of growers for growing commercial seed potatoes meant for export or local ware potato production. Most of those growers use the traditional system of classical clone selection. Nevertheless the use of in vitro-propagated tubers so called mini tubers is greatly increasing.

KWS POTATO B.V. aims not only at delivering a high quality of its seed potatoes but also of all services related to production, packing and transport of its products. In a close, transparent and fair communication process with its partners, KWP constantly optimizes the relevant processes. We strive at delivering customers a service package that allows sustainable and successful long-term business relations.